Saturday 14 May 2016



Chinnery's Southend

Friday 13th 2016

On Friday night my good friend's, Courts, put on a performance to remember in front of a sell out crowd at Chinnery's, Southend-on-Sea. This headline show was special, everyone from the past and the present were there, new fans and old friends. Seeing a group of people develop and a scene grow is really exciting, especially when it's organic and unique. Courts weren't the only great band playing on Friday, the night opened with Eden Royals and then Wayde. Both bands have an excellent sound and were fantastic to see live, it was my first time for both. 


Eden Royals are pure indie greatness, reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane, they got the crowd moving and put on a great show. Shouts to my old friend Sean Quigley on the drums who wouldn't let me take his picture, well you couldn't stop me. 


I love these guys. Their grungey, spacey sound is excellent and reminds me of a mixture of Wavves and Basement, two of the best. Eleanor is a big track. 


These guys have been good friends for a long time now and in a way it was a really proud moment seeing a Chinnery's at full capacity, all singing along to the boys' latest tracks. You can't beat the vibe that these guys bring, the whole crowd dancing and moving, it's like summer time wherever they play. I could waffle on about how these guys are all great individuals and how their sound has developed but I don't even need to, their music says it all. Plus it's not every day you hear music that is truly unique, mad ting. 

LIVE AT CLUB NME, Koko, London - 3.6.16

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Monday 2 May 2016

The Basement @ Crepe City - 30th April

Crepe City
Truman Brewery
Brick Lane, East London

Saturday 30th April was the first Crepe City of 2016 and it went off in a big way. I was lucky enough to hang out with, or lurk near, the guys and girls from The Basement and I took some photos in the process. Every year The Basement expands in size and popularity and this shows at events like CC. Filling the spacious T5 room of the Truman Brewery with great brands, music, food and good vibes, you can see why The Basement is more like a family than just an online community. 

Go to the Basement Approved website for a great video from the day.

Here come's pics...


Sunday 10 April 2016


Running around London checking out people queuing and people that queued.